Our Story


Born out of the realization that accessible sports performance training was severely lacking in the community we grew up in, The Factory Fitness Center was created in 2012 with the sole purpose of providing the best training around with trainers who were the best in their field. Originally called Top Team Performance, we spent thousands of hours working with local athletes in a 2,000 square foot warehouse. It didn’t take long after word started to spread about the success our clients were seeing, for us to realize that so many more people, including individuals who had no intention of participating in sports, were interested in the style of training we offered. After all, if you want to get in better shape, what better way than to train like world class athletes?

We decided to open our doors to anyone who wanted to work hard to build their best selves. What happened next, we never could have predicted. Our growth exploded so fast, we outgrew our first warehouse space that we never intended on leaving! We had no choice but to move locations in 2015. After the move into a 4,000 square foot space, a world of possibilities was opened. With the increased space, offering 24 hour membership became a reality (initially with a lockbox with a code that was distributed to members each month - we have since upgraded to full keycard door access system)!

One of the pillars The Factory Fitness Center was built on, is that our members will always be top priority. This is at the forefront of all of the decisions made. We invest the vast majority of membership dues into anything that directly impacts our members’ experience including equipment, training, and comfort. This ideology propelled growth even further and it became apparent the space we were in was no longer going to suffice and the decision was made to move once again. Although it was a bit sad to leave the space we had so much fun in, it was for the best since the building only had one bathroom, only 15 parking spaces, and without air conditioning/heat it wasn’t unusual for inside temps to reach 90 degrees in summer and 40 degrees in winter. Looking back, it’s crazy so many people stuck with us during those times - a true testament to our desire to ensure every member receives the best fitness experience possible every time they walk in the door.

In 2018, the move to the perfect building was made. Nearly 10,000 square feet with ample parking and fully conditioned to keep temperature the same year round. Not to mention The Factory Fitness Center staff is second to none and change hundreds if not thousands of lives for the better every year. Even with all the change seen over the years, our mission has never changed: treat every member like family and provide the best training and atmosphere around. Although The Factory isn’t the small, hidden gym it once was, it is still the local go-to for anyone who wants to see how fun fitness can be. If you have yet to experience how much of a difference the atmosphere at the Factory can make, come join us and build your best self today!